Roche Diabetes Care Middle East Introduces the First Implantable Continuous Glucose Monitoring system

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Despite all technological innovations over the past years, a very small number of people living with diabetes in Middle East are able to achieve their individual therapy targets. According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas 8th Edition, approximately 38.7 million adults aged 20-79 years were living with diabetes in the MENA region in 2017. Close to half (49.1%) of these cases were undiagnosed with over two-thirds (67.3%) of adults with diabetes living in urban areas1.

To be able to improve overall glycemic control, especially in insulin-dependent people with diabetes, it is imperative to extend available glucose data and information to both patients and physicians. Roche Diabetes Care Middle East, a pioneer in providing innovation in diabetes technology and services for patients, has introduced its latest innovation in diabetes care, the first Continuous Glucose Monitoring system with a long term implantable sensor called Eversense XL. Making it the only available CGM system with a sensor that has an extended lifetime that lasts up to 180 days for patients. Thus, offering patients the comfort of only 2 implantations every year, flexibility in taking off the transmitter which is placed on top of the sensor without having to change the sensor and a different level of safety with on- body vibe alerts and automatic and instant blood glucose readings being fed into the application every 5 minutes.

The first implantable Continuous Glucose Monitoring system- Eversense XL, was introduced to healthcare professionals during a symposium at this year’s American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Gulf Chapter (ACCE Gulf Chapter) where Dr. Ali Aldibbiat, Consultant Diabetes and Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine at James Cook University Hospital in the UK demonstrated the product, his experience with it and the feedback he’s had from his patients’ that had the Eversense XL implantation in the UK. The product consists of an implantable fluorescence sensor, a smart transmitter with on-body vibe alerts, and a mobile application for continuous data tracking and archiving.

Dr. Ali Aldibbiat, Diabetes and Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine Consultant at James Cook University Hospital commented: “The Eversense XL CGM system has added another dimension to the CGM technology available now. The consistency of glucose readouts and the long life of the sensor is quite unique. It empowers people with diabetes to improve their diabetes control while giving them continuous and long lasting safety against Hypoglycaemia”

Eversense XL, suitable for adults of age 18+ continuously monitors glucose levels around-the clock, by measuring glucose in the interstitial fluid (the fluid between the cells beneath the skin) for up to 6 months.

The system is designed to be used together with information obtained from standard home blood glucose monitoring devices, rather than replace them. How the implantation happens is fairly simple; a 5 mm insertion is made in the upper arm (using local anaesthetic), then a small pocket is then created 3-5 mm under the skin into which the sensor is inserted using a special insertion tool. This procedure will be performed by certified doctors in clinics where it will take around 15 min per implantation and the small incision is too small to require stitches; rather, it will be closed using Steri-stripsTM. This implanted sensor is powered wirelessly by a smart transmitter which will be placed on the arm directly over the sensor.

Commenting on the innovative introduction, Fadi Gedeon, Head of Management Centre and General Manager Roche Diabetes Care Middle East said: “With a prevailing chronic disease, a patient’s comfort level and quality of life become the ultimate drivers behind our offerings. As the evolution of diabetes management continues, it is evident that the fusion of medical with technological advances may just steer a diabetic patient’s management routine to one with more comfort and relief. We can’t wait for the sensor to be introduced to all patients because it will be an innovative breakthrough for them one which offers comfort, flexibility and above all safety. Abiding by our mantra, we at Roche Diabetes Care Middle East will always be doing now what patient needs next”.


Latest study evidence shows that integrating innovative technologies and the structured therapy approach of Personalised Diabetes Management improves therapy outcomes and contributes to a better overall glycemic control3


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