Medical care serves 20 million patients in Cairo

Source: Tech2

Roche Diabitis Care opened its first regional customer center in the Middle East to serve and care about 20 million diabetics in the Middle East, including 7 million patients in Egypt.

The Regional Center The new center aims to raise the awareness and health education, improve the ways of dealing with diabetes and its complications, in addition to enhancing the culture of blood glucose testing. The center provides the world-wide advice and advice, as well as technical support and all after-sale services for all AcuChic devices. Contributes to improving the quality of life for patients.

Online Services

Roche Diabetice Care Middle East, a leading manufacturer of sugar measuring instruments under the name of Acutech, A comprehensive service for diabetics through a new electronic application by phone, as well as sales support for pharmacies, doctors and others, as well as support for behavioral changes in individuals through the team of support, guidance and guidance, which starts with 5 people to provide support and assistance to the patient who lives With diabetes throughout the year.

The Swiss company continues with the largest segment of diabetics and has provided several channels for communication from the free number (19459006).

Why Egypt ?

and about the reason that Egypt chose to open this center, Fadi Gideon, General Director of Roche Diabetes Care Middle East, said: The Arabic language spoken in Egypt is understood throughout the Arab area and is recognized as a linguistic reference.

The company also believes that human resources in Egypt are at the highest level

The first phase of 2018 is Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan. The second phase will cover the rest of the Arab countries. In the future to cover its services Arabic speakers in Europe.

Gideon explained that the opening of the center is within the framework of the company’s commitment to its social responsibility towards the Egyptian and Middle East community and in line with the strategy for implementing the principles of social responsibility and building healthy communities based on providing the best service to patients, creating a state of direct and permanent communication with them in all ways and means that will support the digital conversion process and information initiated by the company through social networking campaigns and online health awareness activities for to serve diabetics in Egypt and the Arab region.

Gideon Gideon confirmed that they will start with only 5 customers in Egypt to respond to customers. The number will gradually increase based on the increase in contacts and attempts to” automate “all these steps or devices. And the center’s adoption of major strategic project, including a customer service center that changes traditional services to diabetics and to coordinate with him on the day of follow-up with the doctor. The staff of the Center were carefully chosen to provide the best integrated service for diabetics. The staff has long experience in medical, technical and experience areas In addition to having communication skills to respond to all customer requests, healthcare services and solutions provided by the company with remote training programs for healthcare providers from doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, which will be an important part of the Diabetes Management programs provided by “Roche Diabetic Care »Middle East.

More information about the region’s center Swiss Marcel Fotrich, Head of Customer Service and Strategic Projects
says to Roche Diagnostics Care in Europe, Middle East, Africa and America In Latin, I start with the health insurance providers saying: We talk to the disease every month or three months on blood glucose monitoring with the provision of medical advice to change their behavior to coexist with patients.

For the Service Center, it includes between (5 – 6) Delegates receiving communications after access to all patient information, as they often hear and read about patients to get adequate information that patients should be referred to the Research and Development Department for patient service improvements.

Fotrich explained that they have human skills that can improve affordable healthcare and invest heavily in the development of labor skills and skills, including adequate medical knowledge and knowledge of products and skills. And all related to health and support and we have a special management in La Roche.

In the initial stages, we are building and training staff first, to transform delivery of care from traditional solutions for each presentation into an integrated way of managing disease through digital solutions.

“We are a mediator between pharmacies, nurses and patients.” Fotrich says that 40 percent of calls to call centers in Belgium came from pharmacies to support patients. In one country, tripartite cooperation between nurses, pharmacies, a customer service center and all type 2 diabetes patients are common.